The Ranks of Hadith Collections

The scholars generally give the following ranks to the hadith collections.

Highest Rank

  • Sahih Bukhari
  • Sahih Muslim
  • Muwatta Imam Malik

Second Level

  • Abu Daawood
  • At-Tirmidhee
  • An-Nasaa’ee
  • Musnad Ahmad

Third Level

  • Ad-Daarimee
  • Ibn Maajah
  • Baihaqee
  • Daraqutnee
  • Tabaraanee
  • At-Tahaawee
  • Musnad Imam ash-Shaafi’ee
  • Mustadarak Haakim

Fourth Level

  • Writings of Ibn Jareer at-Tabaree
  • The books of Khateeb al-Baghdaadee
  • Abu Nu’aym
  • Ibn Asaakir
  • Ad-Daylaamee
  • Firdaus, Kaamil of Ibn Adiyy
  • Writings of Ibn Maroodiyyah
  • Waaqidee

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