Types of Hadith Collection

The types of books of al-Aḥādīth The types of al-Aḥādīth based on the way in which the books are structured are as follows; al-Jāmi’, al-Sunan, al-Musnad, al-Mu’jam, al-Juz, al-Mufrad, al-Gharībah, al-Mustadrak, al-Mustakhraj, al-Risālah, al-Arba’īn, al-Amālī, al-Atrāf, al-‘Ilal, al-Majma’, al-Zawāid, al-Musannaf al-Muwatta. al-Jāmi’ This is a type of book of al-Ḥadīth which consists of eight topics; …Continue reading Types of Hadith Collection

How to study Hadith

The following works are basic hadith collections For the serious student of usul hadith: Foundations Intermediate Advanced Mastery The following contemporary authors also have beneficial works: Shaykh Abdullah al-Sa’d offered the following advice during one class for students of hadith: Ilm al-riwayah begins with al-Bukhari and Muslim whilst listening to recorded commentaries where possible. Then move onto…Continue reading How to study Hadith