Types of Hadith Collection

The types of books of al-Aḥādīth The types of al-Aḥādīth based on the way in which the books are structured are as follows; al-Jāmi’, al-Sunan, al-Musnad, al-Mu’jam, al-Juz, al-Mufrad, al-Gharībah, al-Mustadrak, al-Mustakhraj, al-Risālah, al-Arba’īn, al-Amālī, al-Atrāf, al-‘Ilal, al-Majma’, al-Zawāid, al-Musannaf al-Muwatta. al-Jāmi’ This is a type of book of al-Ḥadīth which consists of eight topics; …Continue reading Types of Hadith Collection

How to study Hadith

The following works are basic hadith collections For the serious student of usul hadith: Foundations Intermediate Advanced Mastery The following contemporary authors also have beneficial works: Shaykh Abdullah al-Sa’d offered the following advice during one class for students of hadith: Ilm al-riwayah begins with al-Bukhari and Muslim whilst listening to recorded commentaries where possible. Then move onto…Continue reading How to study Hadith

The Golden Chains of Hadith narration

In hadith narration, the Sanad plays an important part when authenticating hadith. Factors like the individuals themselves and the number of people in the chain strengthen or set hadith above one another. There are multiple opinions on which chains are golden, i.e. narrated by immaculately precise, honest and pious people. According to al-Bukhari, the strongest…Continue reading The Golden Chains of Hadith narration