Al Tabarruk

The Ahl us-Sunnah believe all power belongs to Allah ﷻ, he is the originator and he causes certain people or objects to carry blessings. These blessings are a means, they do not have power within themselves. Allah ﷻ says “And Your Lord would never destroy a township wrongfully, whilst its inhabitants are righteous” 11:117. For the sake of the righteous people and their virtue, Allah ﷻ does not destroy a town and He says, “And We sent down blessed rain from the sky and produced from it gardens and grain that are reaped” 50:9. Is it the rain that caused tillage, plants and crops to grow or Allah? Allah ﷻ confirms the rain is a means in which blessings are realised. Many scholars attest to the permissibility of Tabarruk but some only limit it to that of the Prophets ﷺ.

Preferred and Disapproved Colours for Clothing

There is no specific ruling with regard to impermissible colours in Islam. Imam Haskafi, the Hanafi jurist, in al-Durr al-Mukhtar states, “There is no objection in any colour of clothing.” There are however some opinions relating to preferable and disliked colours. White The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said “Wear white garments, for they are among…Continue reading Preferred and Disapproved Colours for Clothing