The Four Imams

ولمالك فضل كبحر زاخر * جمع العلوم وسائر الأخبار
Mālik had virtue like an ocean filled
he brought together all sciences and traditions

للشافعي مكارم أكرم به * نشر العلوم بسائر الأقطار
Al-Shāfi’ī, how great and honourable
he spread knowledge to all the lands

وأبو حنيفة ذو اجتهاد واسع *وعن الغوامض كاشف الأستار
Abū Ḥanīfa exerted his effort in great ijtihad
and lifted the veils from the most difficult questions

ولأحمد فضل تورع دائماً * جمع الحديث بمسند مدرار
Aḥmad was possessed of virtue, always scrupulous
he brought together hadith in a collection of endless benefit

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