Making up missed Rakats in congregation

According to the above narration, scholars conclude if one joins the prayer whilst the Imam is standing (Qiyaam) or bowing (Ruku’), then he has caught the Rakat. If he joins after the Ruku’, then he has missed the Rakat, and he must make up the Rakat by repeating it. One must make up that particular Rakah’, for example, if one misses the first Rakat then when he makes it up he must recite the additional surah.

Men praying besides Women according to the Hanafis

There are a number of situations in where men may need to pray with women in the same space but are any of these allowed? Is there a difference between the congregational prayer and individual prayer? Difference between spouse and non-spouse? Can women lead the prayer? The Ruling The Hanafi compendium, al-Hidaya, states, “Men will…Continue reading Men praying besides Women according to the Hanafis