Book Summary: The Montessori Toddler

Title: The Montessori Toddler: A Parent’s Guide to Raising a Curious and Responsible Human Being
Author: Simone Davies
Genre: Parenting/Relationships
Release Date: 2019


Why did you choose to read this particular book?

What peaks your interest? What is the book about? What does it promise to deliver?

After the birth my son, I was interested in the methods of child-rearing. Montessori stood out as a successful method.

Summary of book

The book sets out a

Simone’s book starts by giving a wonderful introduction to Montessori, what it is, the history, and why it can be so beneficial to toddlers. The child is in charge of their own learning, while both the teacher and the environment are supporting them.

The book then leads you through how to introduce Montessori activities to children and what makes an activity Montessori in the first place. You will study a variety of exercises to aid in hand-eye coordination, practical life skills, language, arts and crafts, and so on.

The Montessori Toddler also includes advice on how to set up Montessori-style settings for your child to get the most out of activities and build independence.

There is a wealth of literature available on setting behavioural boundaries while allowing children to express and comprehend their full range of emotions. Along with some helpful hints on how to encourage specific behaviour without using threats, incentives, or penalties.

The book concludes with some real-life instances of families implementing Montessori at home. These were beautifully presented and helped to complete out the theory taught in the book.

The appendix at the rear contains a wealth of information on what to say to your child, where to get appropriate Montessori materials and furnishings, what to look for in a school, a list of Montessori activities for toddlers, and so on.

In conclusion, I found this book to be really instructive and beneficial. It’s also nicely designed and laid out, making it a delight to read.

Screenshots of the contents

What stood out for you

What I enjoy best about the book is how it is organised. You can read it from beginning to end or jump to any section that interests you using the index.

There is also an online resource: The Montessori Notebook – Montessori at home and positive parenting training, e-courses and webinars for busy parents with an AMI teacher

What you dislike

Not really a dislike, but there was a considerable amount of advice which is universal advice, and not necessarily unique to Montessori. Sometimes obvious advice.


There are a number of very useful images and illustrations

Has the book met its objective?


What would you change

Every point is valid and somewhat can be practically applied. There is an awful lot to implement. I guess it’s tools under the belt, and you aren’t expected to implement all, only work towards it.

What type of reader would enjoy this book

Parents who are interested in alternatives styles of parenting.

Would you recommend this book

I would recommend this book

Final Verdict:

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