Book Summary: The Crusades: Islam and Christianity in Struggle for World Supremacy

Title: The Crusades: Islam and Christianity in Struggle for World Supremacy
Author: George Hindley
Genre: History
Release Date: 2004


Why did you choose to read this particular book?

What peaks your interest? What is the book about? What does it promise to deliver?

To understand the motivations behind the multiple Crusades against the Muslims.

Summary of book

This book begins with the landscape across Europe Christianity and Muslim middle east, then delves into the specifics about each crusade.

What stood out for you

It covers all the crusades as well as other voyages to promote Christianity rule.

Detailed summary of many aspects to what was going on throughout the periods.

Starts with summary of pre-crusade.

Key Points

Similar to how Muslims wage holy jihad. These Christians were also engaged in the holy war. They felt that Muslims will soon eradicate their faith and traditions. Every sincere Christian was obligated to preserve his faith for the sake of God and Jesus. I do wonder whether such God-devoted individuals would be rewarded in the same manner as Muslims. Both doing it for Allah, but under different religious names.

What you dislike

Despite being a thorough book, I felt it was not descriptive enough and lacked sufficient information. Frequently, I found myself disoriented and bored, not understanding who is who or what is what when the focus shifts from one person/location to the next. I was unable to visualise what is occurring, I read word for word till the 4th chapter, then I started skim-reading. 

I did not uncover much information regarding the real crusades, the knights, or their motivations. Yes, some individuals were motivated by their beliefs, while others were mercenary. There were a variety of motives among the kings and rulers.

There’s also not much from a Muslim standpoint.


Some useful maps and timelines

Has the book met its objective?

Not for me

What would you change

More descriptive language used to describe the scene before and after.

What type of reader would enjoy this book

One who enjoys reading possibly dull but thorough scholarly texts. Someday, once I’ve read all the other Crusade books, I may pick this one up.

Would you recommend this book

I wouldn’t recommend this book.

Final Verdict:

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