Al Tabarruk

The Ahl us-Sunnah believe all power belongs to Allah ﷻ, he is the originator and he causes certain people or objects to carry blessings. These blessings are a means, they do not have power within themselves. Allah ﷻ says “And Your Lord would never destroy a township wrongfully, whilst its inhabitants are righteous” 11:117. For the sake of the righteous people and their virtue, Allah ﷻ does not destroy a town and He says, “And We sent down blessed rain from the sky and produced from it gardens and grain that are reaped” 50:9. Is it the rain that caused tillage, plants and crops to grow or Allah? Allah ﷻ confirms the rain is a means in which blessings are realised. Many scholars attest to the permissibility of Tabarruk but some only limit it to that of the Prophets ﷺ.